Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Learning management system we use for university

The two learning management systems I have use whilst studying at CQU are Blackboard and now of course Moodle. Both these systems are where all our study information is stored. By navigating your way through MyCQU Student portal, into the course you are studying, will enable you to access these systems. You will be automatically rerouted to the learning management system that has been developed for your particular subject. I use these LMS each day. The most useful element of them for me is that all the information is in one place and that I don't have to look for it in other areas thus wasting precious time that us as students don't have enough of.

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  1. Hi Mad as Hatter,
    You need to look at this as a place you can use for resources for your classroom. I had to plan a science lesson on "Expansion of Solids" with my mentor teacher and read through the year 7 Units on Liquids/ Solids and Gases. I went to the Learning Place to find more resources and ideas on how to plan my lesson for my learners.