Thursday, July 9, 2009

Elearning how exciting, what a useful tool this will be.

Well I really didn't know what to expect from Elearning, but am really glad I didn't miss the first tute I don't know how I would have caught up.

Google what a fantastic site, I thought it was just for seaching the web but how wrong was I. I can see my self using Google a lot more now, especially the academic link. I wish I had know about this link when I started uni, I could have saved myself loads of time looking for information and references that were of the required calaber necessary for the subjects and assessments.

I can't wait to start bookmarking on delicious, with books and infomation from the web pages that I have used and feel would be useful for the courses I am doing now and also to show my students items in the future. At least if I have bookmarked them I will know where they have come from and who has written the item.

I am now a blogger, wow another thing I didn't, but will have fun expanding my knowledge in this area. I cant wait till I have some followers and have replied to loads of other peoples blogs. I believe this will be a great networking tool and a great way to find out how others view and interpret the information that is available to us.

Well I can't wait till next tute to see what else I can learn, I hope it all sinks in to my head and not in one ear and out the other.


  1. Hi "Mad as a Hatter" we will get there!

  2. Hi Tania,
    Well, the options with elearning and the things we are learning about will be many and varied. The flexability to deliver the learning material will be fantastic. All we have to do is be able to operate the tools and understand it ourselves.
    Until Next Time.

  3. Hi Tania

    Love your blog address! And you are way ahead of me in getting assignment one necessities started!

    However, I seem to need to choose how/what to submit the comment with, such as google account etc. What does this mean? (sorry, am definitely a digital immigrant)


    Kerry Schultz